Jeff Wickell

Director of Music Ministries

Jeff Wickell has been the Director of Music Ministry and a member of Wesley United Methodist Church for seven years. One thing Jeff loves about Wesley is all the wonderful people he’s been able to meet through his work there.

“I love working with our musicians at Wesley, it is a joy to take each of their desires and abilities and combine them into musical offerings for worship which are far greater than any one of us could offer on our own.”

Jeff is the child of a military family and spent his early years moving frequently until his parents settled in Florida in 1980. Jeff’s professional degrees include a Bachelor of Music from LSU and a Master of Music in Saxophone Performance from the University of Illinois. Jeff enjoys singing with his family and considers it his favorite musical endeavor. Jeff met his wife, Heather Peacock, in Baton Rouge during their studies and have now been married for 27 years. Together, they have spent the last 20 years in music ministry in the United Methodist Church. They have four children: Camille who is 18 and entering her second year in college, Grace who is a junior at Greenbrier High School and Josh who is entering his sophomore year of HS. Their oldest son, Ryan, is now married to Sarah who has become a great addition to their family. Jeff’s interests outside of music include woodworking, photography and spending time gardening with his wife.